General Terms of Service
Danubiando - Budapest Tango Festival, 2012

1) The organizers

Hölgyválasz Ltd.

Paulay Ede str. 41.

H1061 Budapest, Hungary

Tax Number: 13749932-2-42

Registration Number: 01 09 871265

Year of Foundation: 2006

Executive: Péter Ács

Project Manager in Charge: Áron Ecsedy

Referred from here on as Organizers.

2) The festival

2.1) This annual edition of Danubiando Budapest Tango Festival (from here on referred to as The Festival), consists of several independent events including dance classes (workshops), dances and balls (milongas), theatrical and dance performances, concerts, cinema viewings, street balls and parades and other artistic and communal events connected to tango, it’s history and culture (from here on referred to as Events). Further details of the Events can be found on The Festival webpage.

2.2) While most of the Events are open to the public, they may require certain skills or knowledge to take part in them. Anybody taking part in the Events (from here on referred to as The Participant) does so at his or her own risk. The Organizers will not accept responsibility for any accidents, damages, loss of revenue, loss of health, direct or indirect that may occur to any Participant during The Festival except where such responsibility is stipulated by law.

2.3) This Terms of Service is valid for all services rendered for the benefit of the Participant during the Events of The Festival.

2.4) The Participant must follow the guidelines posted in this document and on the webpage of the The Festival (found at concerning participation. The Organizers reserve the right to deny participation to anybody if the Participant fails to meet the requirements stipulated, including submitting the required data for registration or purchases, or failing to successfully pay the participation fees for the Events chosen by the Participant or failure to answer follow-up questions to clarify details or to comply with reasonable requests made by the Organizers.

3) The contract

3.1) Participant may only be a private individual. Only natural persons may participate at the Festival. Any written approval, statement, invoice, contract concerning the Participant may only be addressed to the Participant him- or herself. No contracts, invoices or other documents will be issued addressed to organizations, corporations with or without legal personality or to private individuals other than the Participant.

3.2) The contract between the Participant and Organizers concerning the Participant’s taking part in the Events of The Festival comes into force, when the Participant successfully completed registration according to the guidelines stipulated in 2.4) and when the payment successfully arrived to the Organizers.

3.3) The Organizers may deny participation to anybody if the behaviour, actions, dress, look, hygiene or any other personal attribute of that person is known to disturb the guests of The Festival, or is otherwise detrimental to the successful execution, or the image of The Festival even if this person successfully completed the automated registration procedure.

3.4) In case of any legal proceedings, the Pest Central Disctrict Court (Pesti Központi Kerületi Bíróság) has jurisdiction, according to Hungarian law.

4) Privacy policy

4.1) The Organizers store certain personally identifying data on the users of the website (from here on referred to as Users) to enable their identification, to enable website features allowing easier and simpler navigation, registration and purchases, to enable communication between the Users, to enable communication between the Organizers and the Users, to prevent fraud and for statistics.

4.2) Access to personally identifying data is restricted to the personnel directly involved in organizing The Festival, the website programmers and technical staff maintaining the servers. The Organizers will not disclose such data to third parties except for technical reasons to operate the website and it’s functions. Said personnel is prohibited to use the data outside the context of The Festival.

4.3) The Organizers will store User data concerning The Festival for not more than 5+1 years from the last use of the website or any of the services connected to The Festival by a User.

4.4) The Users may request to delete their personal information by requesting to delete their account on the administration page of The Festival website.

4.5) If the user connected his or her Facebook account and granted the permissions requested, the social functions deeply integrated into the website will make posts in the name of the User to social media services such as the Facebook Events of the Festival. The social media services used are an integral part of the experience and the function of the Festival website. These services can be separately controlled through Facebook by granting or revoking permissions to the Danubiando Budapest Tango Festival application, otherwise they are part of the basic registration to events and the functions allowing registration without a partner. The visibility of the activity of Danubiando website users on Facebook can be controlled via Facebook’s privacy settings.

4.6) The Users may modify their personal data stored by the Organizers directly by modifying their Facebook Profile data or if no Facebook Profile was used during website log-on, by directly modifying the data on The Festival website. The fields that these methods do not allow to modify can be modified only by creating a new profile and deleting the old one.

4.7) Any manipulation of the data entered by the Users may be limited during server maintenance and the time immediately preceding, during and immediately after The Festival to allow the Organizers to keep the integrity of the data offline.

4.8) The servers of The Festival are kept in the United Kingdom and are operated by

Rackspace Ltd. (Company # 03897010)

5 Millington Road,

Hyde Park Hayes,

Middlesex, UB3 4AZ

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8734 2700

4.9) In case of dispute concerning data privacy the Users may file a complaint at the Data Protection Commissioner of Hungary (Adatvédelmi Biztos) or file a lawsuit at a civil court. Information concerning complaints and the rights concerning data security can be found in the 1992/LXIII Law on The Protection of Personal Information and the Accessibility of Public Information (Személyes adatok védelméről és a közérdekű adatok nyilvánosságáról szóló 1992. évi LXIII. törvény). This policy is based on the requirements stipulated in the 1992/LXIII Law on The Protection of Personal Information and the Accessibility of Public Information and the 1998/VI Law on the Protection of Individuals During the Automatic Processing of Personal Data (1998. évi VI. számú az egyének védelméről a személyes adatok gépi feldolgozása során).

5) Logging in on the website

5.1) There are two methods to log-on to the website and therefore allow certain functions (including registration to Festival Events) to work. The first method involves a free account and completed profile data on the social website Facebook. The second method requires only a valid e-mail address. Both methods require the inputting of additional data to allow registration.

5.2) Logging in will create a cookie on the User’s computer to allow automatic log-ons.

5.3) Logging out will not delete any information the User already given or transmitted by Facebook.

5.4) Logging in is only the pre-requisite to register and pay. The User still needs to register and pay to be able to reserve places at various Events of The Festival.

5.5) For Facebook-based registrations, the User must allow access to his or her personal profile on Facebook for the website to gather registration data.

5.6) Any information required that is not contained by the Facebook profile or for which the User does not allow automatic access must be entered manually.

6) Online registration

6.1) The User needs to register and pay online to reserve places at Festival Events.

6.2) By completing the registration procedure - if no technical error occured - the User should be able to make the payment required and will receive a confirmation e-mail about the selected Events, the payment made and/or if any further steps are necessary.

6.3) Availability of tickets or participation slots for Events may change during the registration procedure. In case a place becomes unavailable while the User completes the registration process, either the system or the operators may contact the User to make changes to his or her choice(s) of Event(s). In case the payment has already been made and the User wishes not to use the part of the payment which covers the Event(s) becoming unavailable, the User is entitled to refund for that part of the payment. Refunds will be made in cash at The Festival or at the Organizer’s offices.

6.4) Availability of tickets or participation slots may be dependent on gender balance. For Events where even gender balance is desired, the Organizers may restrict or disallow further registrations.

6.5) If a Participant is registered in a cross-gender role (men following or women leading), and is without a partner, the Organizers may require the Participant to assume a regular gender role if the gender balance can be kept only that way. Cross-gender roles are not allowed for dancers who cannot dance the regular gender role for their own sex. Participants registering with a cross-gender role must accept the possibility that they may have to participate at certain events without a partner even if a partner able to dance the required role is available. The Organizers cannot assist in finding same gender partners.

7) Payment modes

7.1) Payments for Event participation may be made using cash, major credit or debit cards, bank transfer or using the PayPal service.

7.2) Cash payments and vouchers (utalványok)

7.2.1) Cash payments are only available at the offices of the Organizers in Budapest, Hungary. Such payments must be made not more than 7 days after the registration procedure was started but not later than the end of the online registration period. If the payment is not made within 7 days from registration, the bookings made will be automatically cancelled without human intervention.

7.2.2) Payment using different types of vouchers are possible for Hungarian residents. Accepted types of vouchers are listed in the Hungarian section of this website, their terms of use are defined by the issuer. Otherwise voucher payments are treated similarly to cash payments and can be used instead of cash, additional administrative fees may apply to the sum paid using vouchers.

7.2.3) Cash payments over 100€ made before 15 May might be eligible for payments in installments. Rules for installments is only available only for adult Hungarian residents (above the age of 18) and are subject to approval by the Organizers. The rules of paying in installments are defined in the Hungarian section of this website.

7.2.4) Cash payment transactions are confirmed manually after payment.

7.3) Credit and debit cards, PayPal service

7.3.1) Credit and debit cards and PayPal balances are handled PayPal and other external payment providers.

7.3.2) After finishing the registration process The Festival website will forward the User’s browser to the selected payment solution provider where the payment can be initiated.

7.3.3) After the transaction, the provider’s webpage will redirect the browser to The Festival website.

7.3.4) In case of a successful transaction the registration will be finalized.

7.3.5) If the transaction wasn’t successful, there is a possibility to retry using the same or a different payment method (different card or virtual purse). If none of the payment methods were successful, the booking information will be automatically deleted without human intervention.

7.3.6) Any technical problems that occur after leaving The Festival’s website is the sole responsibility of the payment provider. The Organizers cannot guarantee technical support, help or mediation concerning payment issues of these providers, although the Organizers will do everything in their power to resolve these issues.

7.4) Bank transfer

7.4.1) International and domestic Euro-based bank transfers are usually unwieldy and expensive. All Users should choose this form of payment at their own risk. The Organizers cannot be held responsible for unexpected costs, delays or other problems concerning bank transfers.

7.4.2) If the User chooses bank transfer during the registration process for paying the participation fees at The Festival must initiate the bank transfer immediately after registering and receiving the transfer data.

7.4.3) The confirmation code or transfer identifier must be entered on the final registration page or if the transfer is made manually at the User’s bank, within 36 hours using the user administration page of the website (or under the same menu item as the registration). If this code is not entered after 36 hours, the booking data made during registration will be deleted automatically without human intervention.

7.4.4) After the transfer has been made and the confirmation code or transfer identifier was entered, the registration is put on hold for a maximum of 7 calendar days. If the transferred funds do not arrive to the Organizer’s bank account within 168 hours or until the end of the online registration, the transfer is considered unsuccessful and the booking is cancelled without human intervention.

7.4.5) If a bank transfer had been initiated and the transfer did not clear until the final deadline, but it cleared at a later date still within the online registration period, the Organizer’s will try to identify and contact the User to decide how to proceed. In such cases returning the payment less any banking fees is an option as well as re-registration using the payment as credit.

7.4.6) No payments will be accepted after the end of online registration. If such payments are made they will be automatically rejected by the bank and returned to the sender. Any fees or costs incurred in the process will be charged to the sender.

7.4.7) The costs of initiating bank transfers must be born by the sender, including any fees, taxes or conversion costs incurring before the arrival of the payment to the bank account of the Organizers. Only transfers initiated using the advertised valid bank account information, with foreign bank fee code of “OUR” or “SHA” will be considered valid. “BEN” transfers, or any transfer which requires additional intervention, those that incur additional costs or when foreign bank fees or additional fees are charged to the Organizers because of an irregular transfer will be considered incomplete. In these cases, the Participants must reimburse the Organizers for any additional costs not later than their first booked event at the Festival. In case the transfer remains incomplete, the Organizers will consider this a cancellation as per the cancellation rules stated herein.

7.5) Bookings are maintained only if payment is made within the period allowed for the form of payment described above. If the payment was not made in a timely manner and was not confirmed at The Festival website, the registration is automatically deleted without human intervention. It is an absolute necessity to delete failed or bogus registrations as soon as possible to allow valid registrations and to make sure availability to much anticipated events are not misrepresented on the website.

7.6) Partners, partner registration and payment

7.6.1) There is a possibility to book events and pay the participation fees for both the User and a dance partner if both Users are logged in or using Facebook and are Facebook Friends of each other.

7.6.2) After both dance partner Users logged-in (either on separate computers or on the same computer) and connected their accounts to their respective Facebook profiles, the Users may select each other’s names as dance partners during the login procedure. Alternatively, the Users may select each other’s registration ID if they are not users of Facebook. If both parties selected the other one, either party can make registrations in the name of the couple.

7.6.3) If a purchase has been made by one party, the other doesn’t need to do anything to finalize registration. The success of the couple registration and payment ensures participation to both.

7.6.4) During couple registration it is possible to select extra courses for either partner to dance with a different partner or to register without a partner and initiate partner search.

7.6.5) Couple registrations are considered two separate registrations with a single payment for both. Cancellations may be made separately for both as per the cancellation policy stated herein.

7.6.6) The Organizers cannot guarantee dance partners for any Participant, although the Organizers will be proactive to ensure gender balance at classes and milongas. If the User selected a dance partner on the Festival website, it is the sole responsibility of the User to ensure that said dance partner will appear and perform as needed.

8) Checking in after arrival

8.1) After registration and paying online, the Participant is required to check-in after arrival to Budapest to receive passes, tickets, wristbands required to take part in festival events.

8.2) All Participants are required to bring a copy of the registration e-mail (doesn’t need to be printed), proof of payment (the confirmation e-mail about payment being made, or any other receipt) and proof of identity and present these documents when asked.

8.3) Check-ins can be made at every grand milonga (evenings) and at the workshops locations. Further possibilities may be available and listed in the final programme.

8.4) During the check-in Participants will receive all relevant passes, wrist bands, tickets and any merchandise or vouchers paid for during the online registration. It will be also possible to purchase further tickets, workshops, seminars (subject to availability).

8.5) For workshops and seminars there will be no physical ticket or pass issued, hostesses will check the Participants in based on the name database of registrants at the door. For this reason, Participants with registrations to only seminars and workshops without registration to milongas or other events do not need to check-in.

9) Cancellation of Registration

9.1) After initiating payment it is considered final. No refunds will be made on cancellation.

9.2) Registrations may be transferred to anyone of the same gender (in case of workshops and seminars: also same level of tango skills) before 15 August on request to the Organizers. After 15 August the Participant can transfer his or her participation rights by providing the following documents to the person receiving the registration:

9.3.1) a copy of the registration confirmation e-mails,

9.3.2) a proof of purchase: confirmation e-mail, bank report, transfer order or credit card report showing the payment

9.3.3) a short notice in English stating that the Participant is irrevocably transferring participation rights to another person. The notice must contain name, passport number, registration ID and signature for both parties. This document may be written by hand, but must be legible.

9.4) Only one person may be named for a person in the original registration (registrations may not be broken up to it’s constituent events).

9.5) To prevent or mitigate financial loss because of cancellation (including accident, travel or accommodation difficulties, health problems or other reasons) the Organizers recommends taking out a travel/event cancellation insurance policy at a major insurance company. The Organizers cannot make any exceptions (we are sorry).

10) Vis Major and Cancellation of Festival

10.1) In case of a Vis Major (force majeure) barring the Participant from taking part at any or all events of the festival or barring the Organizers to provide service as advertised, including accident, fire, natural disaster, political upheaval, strike or other forces outside the parties’ control, the parties will require no further payments, refunds, damages and consider this contract fulfilled.

10.2) In the very unlikely case of the Festival being cancelled in it’s entirety due to reasons outside the Organizer’s sphere of influence other than Vis Maior, which might involve service providers or venues or performers cancelling against contract, illegal or criminal conduct on behalf of third parties (including authorities) the Participant will be provided a refund at the time and to the extent the costs incurred to the Organizers can be redeemed through normal cancellation or through damages paid to the Organizers. The Organizers will do everything in their power to redeem any costs and refund the participants using such funds. Participants waive their right for legal action concerning refunds if a third party is at fault. Recovering such costs and making a refund will take considerable time if litigation or other legal proceedings are required to do so.

10.3) In the case the Festival is cancelled in it’s entirety due to the fault of the Organizers, the Participants are entitled to a complete refund.

10.4) The Organizers retains the right to change any and all parts of the Festival’s programme at any time to any extent. Such changes are considered a natural part of organizing the Festival and therefore do not constitute breach of contract. Any changes made to the programme will be posted on the webpage until 15 August and/or will be sent by e-mail to the Participants. After 15 August changes will be announced at check-in and/or at the events themselves and on the Facebook Page of the event.

11) Visa, accommodation, travel assistance, special requests

11.1) Organizers issue signed invitation letters in Adobe PDF format to Participants for Visa purposes on request if the following three conditions are met:

11.1.1) The Participant has already registered and paid.

11.1.2) The Participant provides the Organizers with the composed, exact, formatted letter in Open Document or Rich Text format using the data on the Organizers in paragraph 1) of this document.

11.1.3) The Participant provides a valid e-mail address to where the letter can be sent. The organizers will not mail regular (non-electronic) letters.

11.2) The Organizers will answer questions and fulfill reasonable requests concerning travelling to and within Budapest or Hungary, verify hotels and hostels chosen by the Participant in terms of accessibility and quality, but these answers are provided ‘as is’, are not guaranteed to fit any specific purpose.

11.3) The Organizers will only fulfill special requests as resources are available. The Organizers cannot guarantee the fulfillment of such requests, and even those that are accepted might not be fulfilled at all, or in time or in an exact manner. The Organizers will, however, do everything in their power to meet the expectations of the Participants.

11.4) The Organizers cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or other adverse effect resulting from answering/executing, incorrectly answering/executing or not answering/executing such requests.

12) Validity, pricing, discounts

12.1) Entry to milongas (tango balls) during the festival are either free of charge or may require a registration or ticket to be purchased. The exact programme and prices are listed on the website and the final programme.

12.2) Some tickets to milongas contain free drinks or a voucher worth of a certain value to buy drinks and snacks at the milonga venue. Where applicable this fact is stated in the programme and the price lists in the final programme sent to Participants.

12.3) Those purchasing a ticket for all evening milongas (Grand Milonga Pass) are automatically given a special discount from the price of the milonga tickets and from the price of all workshops and seminars of the Festival that was booked and paid for at the same time (same payment item) as the Grand Milonga Pass was purchased.

12.4) The first 99 purchasers of a Grand Milonga Pass are also entitled for a further Early Bird Discount from the price of the Grand Milonga Pass, workshops and seminars if these were booked and paid for at the same time (same payment item) as the Grand Milonga Pass. The online registration system will offer the discounted price if the Participant is eligible. The end of the Early Bird period (after the 99th purchase) will be announced on the webpage and the Facebook Page of the Festival.

12.5) The Organizers reserve the right to introduce new discounts or discontinue others during or after the registration period.

12.6) The Organizers reserve the right to determine event prices at the door at an undisclosed date based on availability of free places based on online registration data.

13) Workshops and Seminars

13.1) Workshops are single, standalone classes of 90 minutes each covering a specified subject, held by a specific teacher or teaching couple.

13.2) Workshops are separated by at least 10-minute breaks during which the students of the previous class must leave the room.

13.3) Seminars are sets of interconnected classes of 120 minutes each held by a specific teacher or teaching couple, usually spread over several days, sometimes with more than one class a day. Each seminar has one single theme or arch of themes.

13.4) The Organizers cannot provide Participants a partner and will not guarantee that a partner will be available. Participants are required to search a partner on their own, who must also register.

13.5) During the online registration dancing couples are allowed to designate each other as dance partners during their separate registrations. In this case either  may book milongas and classes and pay for these in the name of both dance partners.

13.6) The Organizers encourage the Participants to make use of the partner search features of the website and Facebook to find dance partners.

13.7) The number of participants at classes are limited. After the limit is reached no further registrations are possible. There will be a warning on the website if the number of registrations to any single class or seminar reaches 80% of the limit (‘yellow light’).

13.8) All classes have separate limits for leaders and followers. After the limit is reached for one role, registrations may still be possible for the other. The Organizers do not recommend separate registrations for couples if the class has already reached the 80% warning limit for either role. In such cases the couple registration feature of the website is recommended.

13.9) Gender balance is a top priority during registration. A class that is full for both roles is by definition balanced. However, during registration it is possible that either gender (role) is more numerous than the other. While this can change even after online registrations are closed, there is a limit to the difference in gender balance. Registration to those classes which exceed this difference are put on temporary hold until the opposite role increases. Registration to these classes are still possible for Users who mutually selected each other as dance partners. Seminars can only be registered and paid for as a whole. It is not possible to register to a seminar without a dance partner, but it is possible to signal the will to other Participants by enrolling to the waiting list.

13.10.1) The Organizers may provide possibility for Participants to fill the missing roles at classes as taxi dancers.

13.10.2) Participation as a taxi dancer is only possible for Participants who registered for at least 4 workshops or a seminar.

13.10.3) Taxi dancers have to dance with a partner designated by the class teacher or the Organizers.

13.10.4) By volunteering to be a taxi dancer the Participant takes on the responsibility of taking part in classes designated by the Organizers. No-show on behalf of a taxi dancer at a designated class is basis for stripping the Participant of the taxi dancer status.

13.10.5) Taxi dancers may be required to pay a fee upon enrolling.

14) Other events

14.1) Afternoon tango dances (Tango Cafés) and afterparties (Aftermilongas) are organized from the main events separately. Entrance fees to these events are only payable at the door, which may also include consumption.

14.2) Guided practicas are supervised by accomplished guest teachers. Participation at these practicas require the payment of a fee.

15) Participating at the Festival

15.1) The Participants of the festival events are required to check-in before taking part at any Festival event. During the check-in the Participants will receive the instruments required to enter the premises of the Festival events. See 8) for details.

15.2) Participants must hold a registration e-mail and proof of payment or other proof of purchase at checking in or entering events that require no physical passes.

15.3) Physical instruments issued as passes (referred to as Passes from here) to the Festival events may not be given away, exchanged or sold. Passes that aren’t used by and for the benefit of the Participant it was issued to are considered invalid.

15.4) The Organizers or the event location’s personnell may require the Participant to provide credible identification on the premises of the Events at any time for any reason.

15.5) The Participants are expected to appear in clothing that is appropriate to the occasion (if dress code is required), that is clean and neat, that is not causing repulsion or scandal in the rest of the participants.

15.6) The Participants are expected to behave according to social standards expected at balls and official ‘cocktail party’ functions. The Participants may not disturb the programme of the event by any means, including obstructing the execution of the event, being loud or noisy, unnecessarily or impolitely communicating with the Organizers, performers or other participants, physically obstructing or otherwise interacting with other participants that is unwanted and unwelcome by said participants or the Organizers.

15.7) The Organizers reserve the right to remove any Participant who disturbs a Festival event from the premises. Failure to leave the premises on the request of the Organizers is considered an attempt to commit felony and will be prosecuted.

15.8) In case authorities or security is involved concerning a Participant failing to leave premises on the request of the Organizers or if the Participant has committed a misdemeanor or felony, caused nuisance, scandal, accident or damages to property that he or she is unwilling or unable to rectify on location, the Participant is required to pay damages.

15.8.1) If the the Participant created a situation which disturbs the event or the people at the event to an extent that requires action on behalf of the authorities or security at any point including all events listed in 15.8), then the Participant has also caused damages to the respectability, brand image and good standing of the Festival. As a minimum, the Participant will pay damages at least 1% of the entire spending budget of the Festival in such cases without resorting to any legal action. This amount may be charged directly to the Participant by the Organizers using any and all methods.

15.8.2) If the damage caused is considered very serious, the Organizers may decide to start legal action to recover the damages exceeding the minimum damages paid.

15.8.3) The Participant causing the damage will not leave the country and will provide the Organizers information about his or her whereabouts until damage payments have been settled.

15.8.4) If required damage payments are not made within 8 days of the damage causing event or if the Participant causing damages leaves the country, the Organizers will initiate legal proceedings both criminal and civil.

15.9) The Organizers reserve the right to change the exact timing of the individual program elements within an event during the event itself to assure the right experience for the most participants.

15.10) If the event is shortened, suspended or disturbed for any reason except vis maior (force majeure) and electric failure, network dropout or unexpected action on behalf of authorities to an extent of more than 30% of the advertised length of the event, refunds will be made by the Organizers. The rate of the refund will be 70% if the disturbance caused the cancellation of all advertised program elements for the evening, 35% if it caused the cancellation of some advertised program elements, and other discounts will be provided at a later date by the Organizers if the disturbance only caused the overall shortening of the event but no program elements were cancelled.

16) Photography and video recordings

16.1) Photography and video recordings are allowed only at the public dance events (milongas) for personal use.

16.2) No recordings shall be made by photography, video, broadcast, television, internet media or cinema professionals without the written consent of the Organizers except for personal use that is not released to the public by any means (electronic or otherwise, including social media, public hosting and open uses).

16.3) No recordings shall be made at workshops, seminars, theatre performances (performances that are not part of a milonga), practicas by any Participant of the Festival.

16.4) All recordings created during the festival about the events of the festival must be sent to the Organizers in electronic form in the original quality (resolution) or the highest quality (resolution) available not later than 30 days after the festival at the cost of the producer of such recordings (if any).

16.5) The copyright holders of any recordings made during the festival about the events of the festival, about the festival, or at the festival events hereby permit the Organizers to use the copyrighted works for promotional, advertising and PR purposes without limitations or any further payment or provision on behalf of the Organizers.

16.6) The Participant creating a recording and failing the adhere to the rules in this section must pay a fixed production fee of 1.000€ per work created to the Organizers immediately. For continuous recordings, every 15 minutes of uncut recorded material is considered a separate work. In case of montages, composite pictures or video clips and other cut, redacted or combined video material, the number and length of the original production is used as a basis for the calculation.

16.6) Recordings that are made available to the general public at their highest resolution through internationally available, free services such as social media sites and other hosting services are exempt from the requirement stipulated in 16.4), but still subject to 16.5). The creators of such exempted recordings are still obliged to send the original material in the highest quality format if requested by the Organizers at a later date.

17) Miscellenous rules

17.1) Participant and the Organizers must try to resolve their disputes by amiable means before attempting legal proceedings.

17.2) Participant and the Organizers will mutually respect each other in their communication, including not disclosing any unresolved disputes or any communication concerning it to third parties or to the public the other’s written consent.

17.3) Participant and the Organizers will not hold each other liable for damages caused by a related third party.

17.4) The Organizers will assist the Participant in legal disputes, damage claims and other non-legal problems concerning participation at the festival except where defined otherwise by this document and to the extent of resources available to the Organizer.

17.5) The Organizers thank all Participants for taking part and for reading this awfully long document.