Sebastian and Mariana have been with us from the very beginning of Danubiando. They've become the key performers and teachers of Danubiando. You can count on their return as you can count on the Golf current, and quite similarly, they bring warmth to our festival.
Focus: Sebastian and Mariana
Since 1999 Sebastian and Mariana performed in more than 140 cities and 35 countries. They are invitied to more than 40 tango festivals in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America each year. They have collaborated with several orchestras including Fernandez Fierro, Orquesta Típica Imperial, Soledad Orquesta, Hyperion Ensemble, La Chicana, with new tango bands such as Bajofondo Tango Club, Gustavo Santaolalla, Tanghetto and Electrocutango.
Teachers of pros
Mariana Montes graduated in Argentine folk dance teaching, but she also has a background in modern jazzballet, hip-hop, classical ballet, pilates and stage dancing.
Appeared in movies: Tre mogli ('Three Wives') by Marco Risi (uncredited); Ad occhi chiusi ('Eyes closed') by Simonetta Rossi.
All kinds of motion
Sebastian Arce started dancing tango at the early age of 8. He is also trained in contemporary dance, contact improvisation, modern jazzballet, classical ballet, step, Argentine folk, stage dancing and singing. He performed in the movie Tango by Carlos Saura. Zum is his first short film as director and producer, with over a dozen couples and leading roles Sebastian Arce, Mariano 'Chicho' Frúmboli, Silvia Toscano, Laura de Altube, Fatma, Eduardo Villegas.
All kinds of motion and some music
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This year Mari and Seba will focus on giros during their multi-day, in-depth seminar and give only a few workshops outside that. Last year their workshops were booked faster than we could say giros. As the seminar can only be booked in a single piece (there is no possibility, or sense, in joining for a day or a session) participation is limited, so hurry up! The seminar starts on Monday (27th August) and finishes on Thursday (30th August).

If you happen to miss the seminar, you can still join one of their workshops from Friday to Sunday.
Workshops and a 16-hour intensive seminar
Horacio is a terribly nice guy, his sense of humour in his talk and his dance, his style, and basically everything makes us admire him. He is proud to have earned Danubiando's highest honour, the Golden Cross of Craziness. His partner, Magdalena is sweet, and together they make an exceptional couple, both on stage and in class.
Horacio 'El Pebete' Godoy has been trained for almost a decade with/by the milongueros of Villa Urquiza in Buenos Aires. From 1991 Horacio DJ-s and teaches at 'La Viruta' (he's also the manager), the biggest and most prestigous milonga and tango school in Argentina. In 2009 and 2010 he was invited to over 20 festivals around the world. He is the musical coordinator of the annual tango festival of the city of Buenos Aries and of the annual World Championship of tango in Buenos Aires since their inception. Last year he went on an international tour with the Broadway show Forever Tango. He has been performing in different tango shows for over a decade, including the show 'La Tanguera' and other productions of the Mora Godoy Company.
Horacio, the party guy
Magdalena's 15-year dancing career spans different areas including jazz, contemporary dance, classical dance based on biomechanics (the natural way...), stretching and various latin styles. She started dancing tango in 2000, at Escuela Argentina de Tango, Estudio Mora Godoy, Fernando Galera, Pablo Verón, Roberto Herrera, Martín Ojeda, Eliana Sanchez, Mariano 'Chicho' Frúmboli, Gabriel Angio y Natalia Games, Eduardo Cappusi. She has participed on some of the most important stage tango shows, including Tanguera, Tango Emoción, Estamos Vivos Tango, Flamentango. Today she does regular tours in Europe as member of the Pasiones Company (Divino Tango).
Magdalena, sweet, young, and achieved everything already
Horacio and Magdalena started dancing together roughly a year ago. This may not seem long but they a had a busy year at it proved long enough for them to find out whether they rock together. They definitely do and it is not a question of skill or knowledge but the way of thinking and the desire to create.
Their work together
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Horacio is the master of tango history, especially when it comes to tango music, orchestras, tango dance styles and other nuances which normally eludes most students of tango. This year he and Magdalena are giving you an 8-hour seminar about musicality throughout the ages and in contrast to today's perception of those classical tango music performers. If you already attended some of their 'dancing to XXX orchestra' workshops you'll find familiar concepts but a wealth of new information too. The seminar will be held on Friday and Saturday (31 August, 1 September) in four sessions.

You can also join one of their three standalone workshops during the week.
Workshops and seminar
Ismael and Maria have quite a rare approach to tango. They believe that tango is born within, and movement is just an extention of soul. While this discovery may not be unique, their teaching, based on this philosophy, definitely is.
Philosophical and Spiritual
'Dynamics express the action forces dealing with a body's motion. As far as tango is concerned dynamics is mirrored by the music, the link between the couple, the force of motion, intensity... communication of two bodies moving at a time. Immersed in an immense and assorted universe tango has become an art expression varying according to dancers’ singularity.' - Maria
Maria about quantum singularities
Ismael is focusing on communication, combining a relaxed style with freedom of expression. He worked together intensively with Gustavo Naveira and Mariano 'Chicho' Frúmboli. He taught together with Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes and also Melina Bruffmann and Claudio Gonzales. Besides tango he has experience in contact improvisation, eutonia, butoh and stage dancing as well.
Ismael and his exotic ways
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Ismael Ludman and Maria Mondino has grown to be as great performers as they are gentle teachers and simply: charming people. We love their subtle but mature dancing style, their natural kindness to everybody and their never waning energy. Last two years they had been with us all week, every milonga, every afterparty, even after teaching and performing. We are happy to see them again and enjoy their company and lessons in the whole week!
Ismael and Maria are all about the inner tango. Their seminar covers their speciality area: deepness and intimacy. 'This seminar will start from building solid technique roots for moving together to be able to go, though a playful and relax dance, to a deeper connection, being able to open our inner selves to the others, to a stronger dance meeting. We'll work with Tango tools and also with the help of other disciplines as Contact Improvisation and tantra. We would love to propose an individual process, a couple process but even more to be very aware of the beauty of a group process, moving together during the whole seminar.' - Ismael. The seminar will start on Monday and finishes on Thursday. Workshops are also available with them during the weekend.
Workshops and seminar
Noelia and Carlos are new to Danubiando, but well known all over the world in the tango community. Soon they'll also know, what we mean by a tango festival... They will teach and also perform for us. Welcome aboard and make some noise for them!
Finally! Noelia and Carlitos!
Noelia has an almost inborn talent for dancing. With her previous partner Pablo Rodriguez they were selected as Metropolitan Champions of Tango Salon of Buenos Aires in 2006. They performed exhibitions in the most prestigious milongas of Buenos Aires. Noelia have been part of the most important tango festivals around the world in Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Holland, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Scotland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and more. Noelia had been dancing and teaching on a case by case basis with estabilished dancers like Pablo Inza, Gaston Torelli, Murat Erdemsel, Ezequiel Farfaro, but less than a year ago she started a more permanent cooperation with Carlos Espinoza performing and teaching at festivals around the world.
She's talented - be mindful of your thoughts, my young padawan...
Most women would kill for a guy like him. He is patient, he is energetic, he is strong, he is lyrical. All in the right time! Awesome connection, awesome rhythm. Awesome tango. Chilean by birth, but tango dancer in every bone. There is a reason why Noelia, with her astounding list of partners she performed and teached with, is dancing with him. Well, find it out for yourself!
Carlos Espinoza
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Noelia and Carlos recently started working together and proved to be an explosive combination. Noelia is well known to everyone with her flagrant and bubbly personality which shows in her dancing as well and Carlitos is a very good match for her, staying in the background to allow her shine, but controlling every aspect of the dance at the same time. While Noelia was great with her former and temporary partners, but together their musicality and relaxed preciseness is unsurpassed.
Blossoms and fruit
Rythm is their second nature. Playing with the music is how their tango really manifests itself. Coupled with that, they both need extraordinary technical knowledge and abilities to be quick enough, to be slow enough, to have the connection to be able to use the music as they please. Noelia and Carlitos will show you a little bit of everything during their workshops. Make sure you book workshops in time, we expect them to be full in no-time.
Gastón and Moira first meet Danubiando this year. They'll perform at the milonga on Wednesday, but you'll probably see them from the very beginning of the festival. Similar to some tango masters, and unlike some others, their style is a combination and carefully selected collection of styles from within the world of tango. More professional description will follow, but as a foreword we tell you, that their really distinctive style is something we've long wished to add to the palette of Danubiando.
Moira lived in Paris from 2000 to 2006 and has been working endlessly since then both as a dancer and a choreographer. She has performed with many companies abroad and toured around many countries in Europe. Moira has played a leading role in teaching tango worldwide in the past years. Having an extensive background in dance, Moira Castellano is a great dancer of our time who has achieved an amazing mix of dance and traditional tango.
Moira's tango journey
Gastón Torelli is a dancer with both determination and sensibility. He has become one of the most famous tango dancers of our time. Gastón's live performance is highly charged with intensity and originality. He has done 'Madero Tango', 'Tanguera' and has also performed with the company 'No bailares'. Torelli is the director of 'Tango Brujo', one of the most prestigious studios in Buenos Aires.
Rise of Gastón - in short
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Moira and Gastón represent a perfect combination and a sublime balance between the essence of traditional and modern tango. They teach tango workshops at home and abroad and tour internationally throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. This couple merges experience and freshness, dance and tango, determination and sensibility.
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If you love the analytic approach to tango and like to build yourself, your connection and your tango up from basic building elements, if love to understand what you are learning in detail, if you are not satisfied with the explanation 'feel' or 'copy' when learning tango, you will truly enjoy their classes. Their workshops will span the good part of the week and a large area of subjects from using technical elements, using these elements to create style and using their own style to show to develop something on your own.
It was pretty crazy last year. Imagine a friend of yours winning the lottery or inventing a gadget that changes everything. It is a very similar feeling to see Dimitris and Mariana grow among the tango masters. No, it's not envy at all, more like joy. We're glad that the skillful and talented couple, we became friends with some years ago, is achieving more and more, and we're also happy to watch their style infused with genuine Greek passion.
Welcome back!
Mariana started dancing classical and contemporary ballet at the early age of 4 and she has studied classical ballet in Thessaloniki, in Greece. During her formation she has also been taught traditional European dances, Jazz, Latin Dances and she has participated in many performances of classical repertory in local theatres. She dances as a professional dancer and she teaches Argentine Tango since 2007, performing in numerous events and Tango festivals in Greece and also in Europe.
A mixture of... basically everything
Dimitris has been dancing at a professional level, Standard and Latin Dances from the age of 10, winning twice the championship in Greece in the Junior and Youth Category and obtaining also the teacher's license 'Dance Club International'. In 2006 he discovered Argentine Tango, and since then he has been dedicated to tango as a teacher and performer taking part in many festivals around Europe. He also passed the exams IDTA (International Dance Teacher's Association) at the Argentine tango.
Professionals in the making
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Their collaboration began in 2007. During a three-month stay in Buenos Aires in 2008, Dimitris & Mariana attended professional teaching seminars of many distinguished maestros. In the meanwhile, they also started teaching at the Tango Bar Association in Thessaloniki and at many dance schools. As performers, they participated at many local festivals and they worked as choreographers and dancers at the Team 'Tango Room Project'. From September 2010, they live and work in Paris, participating in seminars and festivals in Europe as performers and tango teachers. Their purpose and idea of tango is based on the equal relation between partners, trying to find a better contact and communication via the embrace of tango.
The city that insipires all
Dimitris an Mariana are here as the special guests of the festival. We like their fresh talent, the good energies and their natural charm. You can meet them at the guided practicas and they will perform on Saturday. Dimitris also DJ-ing at the last-last event of the festival: the Sunday after party!
Special. Guests.
Haris and Malika are a very talented couple. We met Haris in the first Danubiando a few years ago and when we heard about him again he was already teaching in France with his lovely partner Malika. We are happy to meet them here in Budapest again!
When you miss an episode of your favourite soap opera...
He started his dance career in the latin dances such as rumba , cha-cha-cha etc. At the age of 18 he has been introduced to the Argentine tango which he is still working on with passion every day in order to improve himself as a dancer and also as a teacher. He also used to take classes of drama and classes of yoga for dancers in order to harmonize both breathing and the capacity to have a better flow of energy. He has also worked with young children to teach them the basic (couple) dance syllabus.
Haris Hatzimihail
As a child Malika is passionate about dance, she trained very early to contemporary dance discovering Argentine tango in Corsica, in her home region in 2005. In 2006, she decided to live several months in Buenos Aires to further her education. Of 2007, she began a collaboration with Fabrizio Chiodetti, contemporary, contact improvisation and tango dancer with whom she was teaching with in Lyon and Paris. They collaborated with several tango orchestras on various projects (Night in BsAs) and also with the dancers Mariana Flores and Eduardo Cappussi (Escale Tango). From 2008 they developed a teaching method around tango & contact.
Malika Pitou-Nicolier
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Two tango dancers with background in a bunch of different dance styles working together on their beloved tango with extreme accuracy and dedication improving at a tremendous rate with invaluable professional help from Sebastian Arce. They are working out of Lyon, France where they organized their first mini tango festival in cooperation with two other couples (Fausto Carpino & Stéphanie Fesneau, Dominic Bridge & Veronica Toumanova) with enormous success (it was fully sold out). Haris and Malika are definitely one of the emerging 'new guard' to keep your eye on.
The Greek and the Corsican
Haris and Malika will perform at the Grand milonga on Saturday along with Dimitris Biskas & Mariana Patsarika and Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes. You can also find them every other day of the week on the guided practicas.
Where to find
They started to dance tango more than a decade ago in a tiny little city in the middle of Sweden. During the years they have become one of those ‘traveling couples’ who are searching for new inspirations on different marathons and festivals through dancing with old and new friends and dancers from all over the world.
Kati & Tiha
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The most important thing in their tango is: being a couple and being one with the music at the moment. They have been teaching since 2003 with the base of Stockholm and worked in different festivals in Amsterdam (at Tangomagia), Hungary, Italy and Poland.
‘I met tango in Nässjö 2001 and after a couple of months I started to travel. First in Sweden, then around in Europe for different festivals and marathons. I think I become a real tango junky.’ - Kati
30 Altairian dollars and a towel
‘I have danced a lot of tango since 2001. I am one of the pro-finders behind Emigrantes, La Junta, and recently Barra Querida. I am quiet kind and sometimes satisfied. My definition of tango is an unbound meeting between the dancers and the music. What makes it more interesting is the fact that the music is one completeness and the couple consists of two individuals. Not without effort do they become yet another instrument to the orchestra. We all have the key to development and with the help of the dance can we feel and understand the music better; we can use the music to structure the movements until they get a tango-character. You can be a better leader/follower just by listening each-others reactions, this process is quiet rewarding and improving however a rose in your mouth can be disturbing.’ - Tiha
Life, universe and everything. Is it 42?
This year we have Kati and Tiha as the only Hungarian performers in the festival this year. After a year pause we have Hungarians on stage again. We are very happy for that! You can see their dance on Tuesday. Kati will also be one of our DJs at the afterparty on Friday (actually Saturday early morning).
There's no place like...
These guys, as you can tell just by looking at them, are real professionals, making most tango musicians run for their money. In 2011 you already heard some of the musicians of Pasional play in the highly acclaimed tango orchestra Soledad. According to their Facebook page: 'Pasional Orquesta: what men are playing about. Passion is the first word to flash across one’s mind when talking about Argentine Tango.
Talents of Soledad
Pasional in Spanish means passionate and it gives the real essence of this music – impulsive and emotional as well as tender and charming.' Some musicians of Pasional were part of Soledad performing at Danubiando last year. This exquisite orchestra was formed late 2011 by the founder/ band leader/ bandoneonista of Soledad, Dmitry Kovalenko, and they are already booked for 7 seven tango festivals for this year. Danubiando is one of them, but those, who travel the world will also meet them in Greece, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Turkey and Finland at various tango festivals.
Russian Passion
Dmitry, the leader and bandoneonista of Pasional, during the last Danubiando outlined how he was able to create the authentic sound he prefers and dancers love. Each orchestra member listened every detail of every song they played using the original recordings of the great musicians of the golden age. While for dancers this might come as a surprise, most musicians just take the score and invent their own tango. This might have worked for an Argentine in the golden ages who listened to tango and played tango all his life, but for anyone in this age it is just sheer vanity. Dmitry uses the unsurpassable knowledge of DiSarli, D'Arienzo, Tanturi, Pugliese to play his tangos with his musicians' (Russian) academic skill at their instruments. Priceless.
The classics remade
There is a strong connection tango-wise between Serbia and Hungary. Beltango was one of the first foreign tango orchestras to perform in Hungary after the tango renaissance and has been performing each year ever since. Their repertoire ranges from the classics to contemporary alternative tango music, their concerts usually have a little bit of everything that appeals to the dancers, with the flare of the Balkans and the professional training of Eastern European musicians.
The band formed in 2004 with some of the organizers of Danubiando and a few tango teachers also playing in it. Julian Ingram was part of the orchestra until recently, when he moved to Prague. They are the only Hungarian tango band that is an 'orquesta típica'. Their music is sought after all over Europe, from Belgrade to Amsterdam. However, if you have been to Danubiando you already know them as OTB is a regular guest here, celebrated every year by the dancers. We're all excited to hear their new pianist (who is also a conductor of a full symphonic orchestra) play.
Orquesta Típica Budapest (HU)
He claims to have a birth date, but we prefer to think he’s always been around. After living, teaching and DJ-ing for some years in Budapest, he moved to Prague and experiment on a modified lifestyle he calls 'Nouvelle Bohéme'. He travelled around the US, DJ-ed in more than 15 countries. He also sings with various tango orchestras, learned to play the trumpet, a kazoo is an open book for him, knows a couple tricks on the bandoneón, and because of his classical opera singer training, we’re pretty sure he knows how to play the piano. His selection of golden age tangos is popular around the globe, with some oldies and moderns on the side. He thinks of the songs of a tanda as movements, and the cortinas as interludes, thus building complex musical pieces on the fly.
Julian Ingram (US)
Born and living in Vienna, he started as a tango music collector. With possessing a larger, better and more carefully selected and organized collection than most DJ-s, he started playing in Austria, but now he’s so sought after, he plays more abroad than home. He DJs at regular milongas, festivals and tango marathons throughout Europe. His passion are tangos from the late 1920's to the early 1950's. Carefully selected tangos arranged in tandas – alternatingly playful, melodic, romantic, dramatic, rhythmical and cheerful in character - offer a wide range of music interpretation for non-stop dancing. Spiced up by some rare and hard-to-find musical gems that may be unknown, astonishing, weird or funny, but always great to dance to.
Bernhard Gehberger (AT)
Born in Chemnitz, presently residing in Berlin. Started DJ-ing about 10 years ago, due to a friendly invitation to a milonga. Since then he played at milongas from Beijing to New York, appeared at European festivals, and has become resident DJ in 3 regular tango events. Although he prefers playing golden age tangos, one of his secrets is to stay in very close touch with his crowd, and adjust the music to their mood. He plays homogenous tandas, and if you danced two tango tandas, it’s almost perfectly sure, that the next one is either a vals or milonga. His favourites are Troilo, Di Sarli and Biagi, but he is well prepared for whatever music your present hunger desires.
Hagen Schröter (DE)
He was born in Madrid, and it’s really hard to find him at home, since he’s travelling all the time. Though he started DJ-ing in Madrid, he decided to 'do it properly', when he entered the night life of Buenos Aires. He played several musical instruments as a kid, but now he focuses on the turntables. He has played in more than 10 countries, has appeared at the greatest festivals and marathons. We won’t say which ones, honestly, it would be shorter to list where he hasn’t been. The songs are wisely chosen from pre30s, golden age and post50s. Alternative is like garlic in bolognese - you can’t do without it, but you need only a little...
Raúl Navalpotro (ES)
Born and presently living in BsAs. He grew up in the historical neighbourhood of La Boca, where more music comes in the window than air. He conquered the world many times over since 1994, when he started. Though he is one of the top DJ-s in the world, he has time for his own radio show. He plays almost all styles of tango music, with little emphasis on selecting from the golden age, but more importantly, his skill in picking a song, building up a tanda and a whole night of tandas and cortinas is what makes his milongas unforgettable and unmatched. 'The new generation of tango DJ's get to listen his work and learn from it. We really hope you will enjoy (his music – Ed.) as much as I always do.' - Sebastian Arce
Marcelo Rojas (AR)
She’s French, but she lives in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. She has been to all the tango clubs in Zurich, resident DJ of a milonga in Zurich and one in Baden, and due to the numerous session invitations she’s really busy. However, she never wanted to become a tango DJ, she started because of a mere coincidence - at a tango camp, some 14 years ago, she was asked to replace the DJ who called in sick. Her selection of tangos is mostly golden age, some pre30s and post50s, and to make it interesting, she plays a couple modern tangos. She has 'a long established reputation of playing music that is irresistible for the legs and goes to the heart'. While keeping traditional, sometimes she plays mixed tandas. Her favourites are Pugliese, Donato and Biagi.
Marie-Antonine Woutaz (FR/CH)
Róbert, in our dimension, manifests itself as a hyperintelligent shade of blue. The first one to discover and successfully contain one of these rays of light was Douglas Adams. He used special prisms, and so will we. At extraterrestrial milongas Róbert uses the pseudonym "mototang", which means "Moving Black Rose" in hooloovoo (his mother tongue, but the word "mother" can only be figuratively used... well, "tongue" too...), but since roses can't move on Earth, he chose the name "RosaNegra". An exquisite choice indeed: the marvellousness of a rose, the rarity of a black one, and the softness of a black silken shawl all give you a good idea of what his music is like. Only forty percent of his selection is golden age, the rest are Guardia Vieja and post50s, but he always brings a little of his own musical world (errr...dimension) thus giving his tandas a remarkable flavour.
Róbert Rósenberg
She was born in Budapest, Hungary. Her career took a quite coincidental, but typical start, she popped in to play at one of the milongas in Budapest, while the resident DJ travelled to BsAs (and back). She’s also a very talented dance photographer. She has become a pretty much sought after DJ, resident at a milonga in Budapest, sessioning at the most prestigious local and Viennese milongas, Noches de Hungría and Danubiando. She plays almost only golden age tangos, some pre30s and some post50s for seasoning, with much attention on the music of her favourites, D’Arienzo, Di Sarli and Donato. She prefers to cultivate the golden age atmosphere, both in the selection of music and the structure of tandas. She’s very traditional, so if you’re up for a little time travel, be our guest!
Antónia Nagykáldi (HU)
Born in Warsaw, presently living in Budapest. He was one of the most hardcore dancers, but his enthusiasm for tango soon included music and DJ-ing. There’s no better proof of his talent than the fact, that in very short time he became session DJ at Danubiando and the Zagreb Tango Festival, he is also a resident DJ at a Budapest milonga. He’s skilled in playing the classical guitar. His sets are almost only golden age selections, with some guardia vieja on the side. Everything else is just seasoning. His favourites are Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Biagi. His goal is to keep the dancers on the floor by giving the right level of energy through his tandas - so a belt-mountable champagne glass and a sandwich is advised before entering.
Konrad Krynski (PL)
Born in France, presently residing in Budapest. He plays the piano and the trumpet too. His DJ-ing territory is the Budapest–Geneva axis, we made noise for him last year at Danubiando. Usually he plays one vals or milonga tanda after every two tango tandas, and though he rarely plays mixed tandas, he likes to play with the structure, keeping you entertained for the whole night. His sets are mostly golden age tangos, but there are several tandas built up of pre30s, and some post50s songs, with little modern tangos as seasoning. His favourites are de Angelis, Canaro and Fresedo, but he also has a nice selection of Pedro Maffia songs too.
François Chaix (FR)
There aren't many DJs who say less about tango music than what they actually know about it. Pali (as his friends call him) is one of the more silent types who enjoys his tangos in private and public, who started his first milonga so he can dance to his favourite tangos. He was DJ-ing at Danubiando before and afternoon mood milongas are one of his specialties. He is classically inclined with only a touch of modern and alternative. When we asked him about his five favourite performers and a favourite song from each, he gave us this list: Carlos di Sarli: La capilla blanca, Juan D'Arienzo: Dime mi amor, Osvaldo Fresedo: Isla de Capri, Rodolfo Biaggi: Humillacion, Alfredo de Angelis: Entre tu amor y mi amor.
Pál Heltai (HU)
She was born in Fukuoka, Japan. Presently she lives in Budapest. Started with assisting during Sunday afternoon milongas, and later she began her own career playing at milongas citywide. Half of her music are golden age tangos, the other half is pre30s or post50s, with a touch of nuevo, electro and alternative on the side. While building homogenous tandas (two tangos, one milonga/vals), she likes to select one or two songs of her favourites, Pugliese, Troilo and Tanturi.
Tomomi Ogawa (JP)
He was born in Budapest. He might have the funniest story of his first steps as tango DJ: the milonga he regularly attended to had a summer break, and since he didn’t want to spend the whole summer without tango, he organized a milonga himself! He is one of the greatest milonga organisers in Budapest, regular session DJ at local milongas and Danubiando (remember his battle with Dimitris last year). He organises the Christmas and Spring Tango Balls in Budapest, mastermind of Danube Tango Meeting and the 24-hour International Milonga. His selection is quite traditional, based on golden age, pre30s and post 50s, with emphasis on golden age. Sometimes he plays an alternative tanda. His favourites are Rodriguez, Donato and OTB.
Gábor Novák (HU)
Born in Gyöngyös, now living in Budapest. After recognizing the fun and joyfulness in tango, she decided to start DJ-ing, and share this state of mind with everyone. Her inspiration are the milongas of Stefan and Barbara Osnowski, Tango Loft Berlin and gathered great ideas from the late Anne-Sophie Ville. She is our newest DJ, with a short but very promising resume: played her sets at the tango marathon of Danubiando, and appeared at our afterparties. Her modern blocks go very well with tandas featuring songs of the greats. Half of her selection is from golden age tangos, the other half is equally proportioned between the oldies, the post50s, and nuevo, electro and alternative styles, but again, emphasis is on the fun part, and that is pretty much free from any kind of stylistic criteria. Her favourites are Canaro, Donato and Rodriguez.
Adrienn Csengeri (HU)
Check out the story of Dimitris Biskas, Katalin Czidor, Sebastian Arce and Horacio Godoy in the descriptions above!
Dimitris (GR), Kati (SE/HU), Sebastian (AR), Horacio (AR)