Still wandering why 'tango marathon'? The Budapest Tango Marathon got it's name before the emerging trend of tango marathons, the name only implying the distance (over 3kms), offering an opportunity to dance freely at historical locations of downtown Budapest from early afternoon till sunset. The first stage of this journey is one of the most visited tourist attractions: come and dance among the leaders of the 7 tribes! Rather stoic and lack the talent for dances - we suspect it’s because they are made of bronze - but they definitely seem to enjoy being danced around by tangueros. There’s also a miniature castle that’s worth checking out with a well hidden shop full of rarities of the communist era.
First stop at Heroes' square
This is definitely the place to come to sing. We won’t be going in but the porticus proves perfect for dancing, especially because it is guarded by four sphinxes, sphinxen, sphinges or whatever the plural of a sphinx is.
Second stop at the Opera House
Aah, the famous St. Stephen Basilica! Though no king was crowned here, it is one of the most prestigious sacral buildings in Hungary. Your eyes will have to be sated with admiring its wonders on the outside but that’s not even the purpose of our visit there (though it's well worth paying a visit inside too). There really is a vast space, so the more the merrier.
Third stop at Szent István tér
Freedom or Liberty? Maybe it is liberty what this square is named after and also liberty is what you have when it comes to dancing in the fountain - in the middle of the business district of Budapest (the US Embassy and the Hungarian Banking Association are also pretty close). Don’t be shy, take off your shoes and join us! It’s not only a unique sensation and enormous fun but it’s even somewhat of a spectacle. Regularly the afternoons of Danubiando will feature - apart from classes - tango cafés and guided practicas. Since the Marathon lasts a bit after sundown (deliberately avoiding the word "twilight"), all those events will start on Monday. The last chords of the Marathon will be followed be the very first evening milonga!
Final stop at Szabadság tér
Attenzione! It is to our great pleasure to announce, that the greatest of painters, the most enlightened of philosophers, architect of unmatched talent, the ever-curious mind, Leonardo da Vinci is throwing the party of the century in his recently built palace. Fear not, the view is magnificent, the wine is exquisite, and the people are the highest of nobility! The great host will introduce his latest invention, the “scatola musicale”, that is an orchestra playing from a black box, operated by a single man, a so-called “DJ” by the name Guiliano d'Ingramo. Wear the garment you most enjoy!
In the early morning, another celebration will start until the sun rises where the French lady, Marie-Antonine Woutaz will operate this peculiar piece of gadget.
Milonga de la Renaissance
Fellow Nightspeople!

It has come to my knowledge, that the daywalkers had come up with a peaceful solution to our... disagreement, so to speak. It is high time we set aside our differences, and hear them out in the name of a prosperous cooperation in the future. Assemble in my castle, after sunset, and let’s celebrate this occasion with a spectacular ball. It is not necessary to scare the humans, so please try to look like one of them.

Eternal love, Vlad
Victorian Milonga
This time with an Austrian behind the turntables. We like Bernhard for his professional attitude and his friendliness. But more importantly he is also very popular among tangueros. This Viennese guy started on the piano but later focused on DJing using his musical education to find exquisite tango songs. This may not sound like hard work but he buys hundreds of custom selected CDs every month, listens to all songs and selects only few to play in a tanda. He's also crazy about sound quality – last year his soundcheck took longer than the orchestra's – because he wants even the tiniest bit of music to be there under your feet.
DJ: Bernhard Gehberger
DJ of the evening
The aftermilonga starts at 3am, and that's the only part of it, that is already confirmed. It will be hosted by Róbert Rósenberg (not to be confused with the adult movie actor), who is a hyperintelligent shade of blue and is the present master of Lord Vader. He is also the father of Chuck Norris, but he never recognized the child.
This is the day when our Tango Café opens up only 50 meters away from the evening milongas and seminars. This is going to be the Danubiando community centre, a general meeting point during the day. Meet some of your dance partners from the night before, have a nice chat, a cuppa and dance to tango with select DJs. The jewel of the opening Tango Café is an ever smiling Japanese lady, who’s already really excited about sharing her tandas with you.

DJ: Tomomi Ogawa
House of the Rising Fun
After the first full day of classes, you may want to do what you learnt without being hassled by world class teachers all the time... The galery of this huge hall will give you a possibility to practice during the week, with or without the help of qualified assistants. For the assisted practicas every evening there is a small fee, however, outside these guided classes you can use this space to warm up or practice.
Practica for Free
Let me tell you then, you will not regret the time you spend aboard my vessel. You are going to voyage through a land of wonders. Stunned amazement will probably be your habitual state of mind. It will be a long before you tire of the sights constantly before your eyes. I’m going to make another underwater tour of the world - perhaps my last, who knows? - and I’ll review everything I’ve studied in the depths of these seas that I’ve crossed so often, and you will be a fellow student. I am nothing to you but Captain Nemo; and you and your companions are nothing to me but the passengers of the Nautilus.
Nautilus Milonga
Now who would want to listen to an orchestra if they can enjoy the tandas of such great DJ-s? (Plllease don't answer...) Sebastian needs neither introduction nor advertising (though we did both under the 'who' menu item), and you probably already know Antónia too as she’s DJ-ed at Danubiando and marathons for a couple years now. There are great DJs during the entire week, Danubiando has no 'fillers' at the beginning of the festival - come and see!

Sebastian Arce
Antónia Nagykáldi
Sebastian Arce DJ-ing? On a Tuesday?!
We decided to stop global warming, or at least let it take five, so we invited a (or more accurately: the) Hungarian couple from Sweden. Their style definitely melts the ice, so be careful with your Martini!

Performers: Katalin Czidor - Tihamér Bogdán
...and a dance show
The Greek Team, consisting of Haris Hatzimihail, Malika Pitou-Nicolier (she is actually French, but she doesn't mind the generalization for the sake of some good marketing...), Dimitris Biskas, Mariana Patsarika, will keep an eye on you during the practicas held almost every day during the week and give you a hand (or leg) if you get stuck. They are all students of Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes who personally recommend them to you!
Practica watched by the Greeks
Today the Tango Café is hosted by an old and highly respected friend of ours ('Old' refers to the age of the friendship between us...). He gave Hungarian tango life a big boost, and still does, he is the organiser of Danube Tango Meeting and the recent 24-hour milonga.

Tango café: DJ Gábor Novák

The Aftermilonga starts at 3am, as usual, so if you’re up for some late (or very early) fun! DJ: Antónia Nagykáldi
Tango Café and Aftermilonga
As-Salāmu `Alaykum, travellers!
I am the Jinni of the lamp, and I have a mission to fulfill. As you all know, Aladdin and Jasmin are getting married, but first they have to undergo a series of tasks set by the Sultan. The first one is already completed, the castle is built, and the Sultan was awed. The second one is also complete, the treasury is full with exclusive jewels, gold, gems and everything a wealthy man could ever desire. The third and final one is tricky though: the castle I built during the night needs to be populated, as the Sultan ordered, "with a throng of dancers" to show him how attractive Aladdin's personality is to the people. I already invited musicians, and took care of all entertainment, you simply come and have fun, thus pleasing the Sultan.
Milonga for the Princes and Princesses of Persia
Typical in a very positive manner, the orchestra of this milonga has been at several festivals all over Europe, or at least all the places where their GPS can take them. See details under the 'who' menu item. If for some unlikely reason you haven’t heard them play yet, just take our word for it: you’re in there for a treat.

Orchestras: Orquesta Típica Budapest
Orquesta Típica Budapest, our favourite rock band
Two fine gentlemen, one of them is nothing short of world famous, and the other just entering the game of thrones. If you don’t already know them at least by reputation, check out the 'who' menu item.

DJ-s tonight:
Konrad Krynski
Horacio Godoy
DJ-s of the evening
They are one of those rare talents who can unite the essence of the traditional tango with the aesthetics of modernity. They have great sense of humour, they unite experience with freshness, modern dance with classic tango, as well as spirit with sensitivity - if you want all that, they are your man. And woman.

Moira Castellano - Gastón Torelli
Moira and Gaston dancing tonight!
You're welcome to join the others at the Tango Café, today hosted by Adrienn Csengeri, who might be the one playing the largest variety of songs because of her constantly and freely evolving taste. The guided practica's virtual and the Greek Team's literal arms are wide open to welcome you if you pop in to practise a little and chat and stuff in the early evening - all with Sebastian's and Mariana's blessing. Early morning at the aftermilonga you'll listen and dance to the tango selection of Konrad, the Pole (OK, we took some liberty with the epithet...but it sounds so insanely cool) who is also the first DJ of the evening milonga.
Afterparty DJ: Konrad Krynski
Tango Café, Guided Practica, Afterparty
The walls of the palace were of driving snow, and the windows of cutting winds. There were more than a hundred halls there, all lighted up by the powerful Aurora Borealis. The polar bears went on their hindlegs and showed off their steps. The northern-lights shone with such precision that one could tell exactly when they were at their highest or lowest degree of brightness. In the middle was a frozen lake, where sat the Snow Queen when she was at home. No matter how deeply solitary she was, she fancied watching children play and listen to their giggling chatter. Deep within her frozen soul lay something that gained comfort whenever she invited these little fellas and bonny lasses over. In fact, she got carried away, unnoticeably, and thought of her younger self, ages, eons ago, and her frozen solid heart started melting. Tonight the children are given another chance to awaken the good in her, that had been sleeping for too long.
The Snow Queen Milonga
When talking about Russia, most of the world thinks about snow, vodka, ballet dancers and furry hats (OK, maybe a small red star pin too – but that thought is officially denied). And musicians, of course. The most shockingly talented ones with academic training like no other. Imagine five of these, some of them already measured and found awesome in Soledad. Keeping dancers on the dancefloor was not truly their goal. It just proved to be a by-product. Lucky us, they are now coming here to Budapest.

Orchestra: Pasional
Russia is coming! – Orquesta Pasional
Well-known from Beijing to New York – yet to become famous in Australia – he comes to Budapest to share his priceless selection of Golden Age and post 50s tangos.

DJ: Hagen Schröter
A German pro behind the turntables
If you google them, you’ll mostly find videos, and we decided not to try to put their dancing into words. Just watch any or all of those, and you’ll surely be enchanted by their style, which has deep roots in Villa Urquiza.

Performers: Noelia Hurtado and Carlitos Espinoza
Lovely, sweet, tender & hot. Noelia and Carlitos
The cozy Tango Café on Thursday will be hosted by Pál Heltai with his favourite sets of tangos (you can get a sample of his taste in his CV, under the 'who?' menu item).
If you need some questions answered, some technique made clear, head to the guided practica, where our Team of Greeks is all excited about helping you out (something that Mariana and Sebastian also approves)!
At the Afterparty you'll be offered to have large variety of tangos, and not only to have them, but to dance to them, and those who feel like, are welcome to hum and sing with the melodies (however, please observe the fact that many dancers actually have great musical hearing)!
Afterparty DJ: François Chaix
Aftermilonga, milonga before milonga
Fellow Fairies, Elves and other Sprites!
Puck overheard the planning of Theseus’ and Hyppolita’s anniversary party. It will be in Our forest, and I wish to show them that the enchanted forest is not called “enchanted” for nothing. So, for old time’s sake, we’ve prepared some fun and mischief, but I’d like you to come and help deliver them. Just like last time, disguise yourselves as humans, and meet us at the glade in the middle of the forest.
Keep tricky, Oberon and Titania
PS: I seem to have misplaced the donkey’s head, so if any of you come across it, please return it to me, might come in handy while toying with the happy fool couple.
Late August Night’s Dream
Just like the great Hungarian magician, Rodolfo used to say: "Watch my hands, I'm going to cheat." Now you have a second chance to watch the tricks of Pasional, but hope not for calling their bluff, since there is none. It may seem witchcraft or some kind of sorcery what these fine gentlemen do, especially in the enchanted forest, where Oberon and Titania are inviting us. We assure you, Pasional's music is a hundred percent real!
Russia is coming! – Orquesta Pasional scene two, take one
Raúl is travelling so much so fast, that he became an experiment subject of the human application of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. After months of careful research and tedious mathematical calculations we gave up and visited a fortune teller, who told us - after some fiscal persuasion - that we'll be able to contain him for a night in our magnetic festival. We suspect his radiance will affect many people, approach only in protective dancing shoes.

DJ: Raúl Navalpotro
DJ Raúl
If you need to do anything important tonight, well... don't do it! Ismael and Maria are performing, and they are a 'must see'! They are an inspiration and tonight you'll see why.

Performers: Ismael Ludman and Maria Mondino
Ismael and Maria on stage
You can pop in our Tango Café, of course! Marie-Antonine is going to play this afternoon, and if some questions concerning stuff learned at the classes happen to rise in the meanwhile, you can visit the Greek Team (should we trademark that?) at the guided practica.

Katalin Czidor prepared some cool tandas for you, that you don't want to miss out!
It don't mean a thing...
We, Henry VIII, King of England and Lord of Ireland, Fidei Defensor, hereby command, that on the first of September, a great ball is to be held celebrating the great victory of our father at Bosworth Field, and the end of the Wars of the Roses. We command jesters, musicians, actors and dancers to be delivered to our regal residence at Hampton Court, for the enjoyment of the lords, nobility and the folks invited, and of Ours. We command garment of appropriate appearance to be worn.
Milonga of the Roses
Tonight's going to be the third and final concert of Pasional. Don't worry if you've heard them on Thursday and Friday, they have so many tricks up their sleeve, there would be enough for much more than just the three hours. Have fun, but watch your mind: it's easily blown by guys like Pasional.
Orchestra: Orquesta Pasional
Orquesta Pasional - the finishing blow
Marcelo Rojas needs barely more introduction than he is Marcelo Rojas. His name is the quality seal on every tanda he does from Argentina to Istanbul since 1993, when he started. He was regularly DJing in dozens of Buenos Aires milongas, including Confiteria Ideal, Sin Rumbo, Centro Region Leonesa, Club Almagro, Lo De Celia, and he was providing music at the World Tango Festival, the Tango World Championships, CITA (Cosmotango) every year in Buenos Aires.
DJ Marcelo, the world class DJ
Nobody panic, there's going to be plenty of time to dance. On the other hand, seriously, what kind of a grand milonga would it be without doing it in style, and look! The beloved Greeks will bring the sunny fun of Greece to the stage. Sebastian and Mariana doesn't need to shop for stoic elegance or precise moves, so tonight they’ll show you, that the unreachable is closer than you’d think. To make it even closer, the guys at Tangomeet offered an Apple iPad 3 with access to the video webinars of Sebastian and Mariana on to be won by anyone attending!

Performers: Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Haris Hatzimichail and Malika Pitou-Nicolier, Dimitris Biskas and Mariana Patsarika
Whoa! So many performers, when do I get to dance?
Tango Café is going classic this day, since DJ Toncsi mostly plays golden age tangos. Time travellers are most welcome, and everyone else is encouraged to join, pop in or drop by.

Cuidado! There's going to be no guided practica on Saturday!! The room is still open if you want to dance a little.

The aftermilonga will be hosted by Danubiando host, accomplished tango musician and world renown tango socialité DJ Julian Ingram!
Afterparty, Tango Café
Ladies, Gentleman, @&ut#nb|v-s!

The very first Intergalactic Milonga Summit is about to begin! Galactic hitch-hikers, swoop racers, relay station operators, space highway engineers all welcome! We’ll stay in low orbit, with nice view of the mostly harmless planet of Earth. We have a vast parking lot for jetpacks, pods and smaller vessels, and the closest star destroyer docks is just a parsec away! Our sommelier and mixer droids are updated with the latest OS, and they serve the best pan-galactic gargle blasters and jawa juices in this solar system.
Intergalactic Milonga Summit
Being pretty much the longest operating tango orchestra in Eastern Europe, with talent and determination that is hard to match. They have been here for every Danubiando and pretty much all other previous tango festivals in Hungary, but they are also very popular in Eastern and Southern Europe. The classical training together with strong regional folk music background and more than a decade of authentic tango gives them a style range from golden age tangos to alternative music, with emphasis on the previous.
Orchestra: Beltango
Wild, Wild East
We just received classified intel from the guys at Summertango: Marcelo is also the secret advisor and personal trainer of Chuck Norris. If we add that to the fact that Sebastian Arce is so fond of his DJ-ing, we wouldn't be surprised if he would beam down from the Enterprise to start gigging.

DJ: Marcelo Rojas
The second session of Marcelo
We could write odes to them, to their style, their personality, but we won't - 'cause we can't. They are Horacio and Magdalena, one of the new wonders of the world: seeing them perform should be on your bucket list.

Performers: Horacio Godoy and Magdalena Gutierrez
Horacio and Magdalena on stage
When you had enough sleep (you know, women need their beauty sleep, and men, well, it doesn't really matter for them – maybe for Gerard Butler it does) and had a lovely Sunday brunch, you might want to check on Francois in the Tango Café. Those, who still have questions are welcome to join the guided practica with the Greeks for the last time.

This aftermilonga is going to be the last official event of Danubiando, so make sure to be there! The Greek feel goes on during the aftermilonga too, as the DJ will be no other than Dimitris Biskas!
During the day and after the milonga